Who we are

Happy Valley is a full service woodworking studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Helmed by expert woodworker Tyler Harris, Happy Valley is capable of all facets of woodcraft. With 18 years of experience and a deep pool of resources, there are few tasks beyond our reach. We pride ourselves on being deeply rooted in B.C. and have a rich history here.

Close to downtown

Our close proximity to downtown Vancouver and our outstanding customer service make us a convenient and pleasurable choice. Projects in the city are dealt with swiftly and with a smile. More face time and fewer mistakes are a result of our effort to remain close to the city and close to the work.

Keeping our valley happy

Sustainability is extremely important to us, as our goal is not only to serve our clients, but our beautiful homeland as well. We make an effort to select materials and finishes with a minimal impact on our environment.